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For over 13 years Dr. Kamika has been traveling and putting stamps in her passport. All because she lost 170 pounds and is no longer in fear of not fitting in a seat. Known as a patient expert in the bariatric community with a history of working in the healthcare and pharmacy profession. Kamika’s objective has been to provide excellent service and patient care. Today, excellent service will be given to people who have lost weight and are now ready to start traveling. It is time to start putting some stamps in your passport and picking up chill pills all over the globe. Wonder how I am able to do this? Healthcare and travel? I took advantage of an opportunity to become my own travel agent through PlanNet Marketing and Inteletravel. Guess what? So can you.

How Does it Work?

To gain access to the travel agent registration, it is necessary to enroll as a PlanNet

After successfully completing the enrollment process as a PlanNet representative, you can proceed to your “Virtual Office” and click on the “PURCHASE ITA NOW” option to obtain your Independent Travel Advisor (ITA) credentials.

Please check your email as you have officially become a registered member! From this point forward, you can start booking travel, optionally take travel agent courses, and enjoy exclusive discounts on hotels, resorts, flights, and more as a travel agent.

Travel Is My Medicine..

Come and get your dose of fun and relaxation. Invest in yourself. It’s worth the experience.

Become A Travel Agent

Its natural to be skeptical when something sounds too good to be true. However, in the
case of the travel agency industry, there have been significant changes in recent years.
The rise of online booking platforms has made it easier for individuals to book their own
travel arrangements. As a response to this shift, hosting agencies, including the one I
mentioned, have adapted to empower individuals to become their own travel agents.

By becoming your own agent, you can take advantage of the built-in agent commission
that is included in every travel booking. Instead of giving that commission to the website
you book through, you can keep it for yourself. This allows you to potentially save
money and have more control over your travel arrangements.

This is new to me; where can I get help if I need it?

There are support options available 24 hours a day. We have a great hosting agency ready to support our agents and answer any booking related questions. You can also email me directly to help with your questions at contact@pickinguppills.com

Do I have to take on clients?

No, client booking is not necessary. You can use your agency to book vacations for friends and family. You do not have to worry about booking quotas because this is your agency; you’re the boss.

What's the overhead cost?

There is no overhead. Our agencies can be run completely virtually. There is no need for a physical place of business, no brick and mortar necessary. Cost to you will be enrollment cost, membership fee, computer/tablet and wifi.

Besides traveling, how does becoming an agent benefit me?

Added benefit of becoming a business owner. You are able to earn 5-20% commission from every booking you make. The only exception is if you use your agent discount. You keep 80% of the commission you earn and the hosting agency gets 20% of the commission. You use your agent status to build a lucrative travel business or to just bring in additional income.

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